One Finger Death Punch

One of the games I picked up over the weekend and the same game I’m using for this blog post is One Finger Punch Man by Silver Dollar Games for the PC. I got it for 200 pesos on Steam. It is a survival fighting game where you must survive rounds of enemies in many different stages. There is a certain amount of enemies to be killed in a stage before you are allowed to progress to the next stage. There are three difficulty levels namely: student, master, and grandmaster. Since I’m just new to the game I can only avail of the student difficulty. I still need to unlock the other difficulty modes. Think of the levels as your easy, normal, and hard mode in other games.

This is the home screen:

Home Screen.png

This is the adjust difficulty screen:


This game although simple as it uses stick figures as characters is very addicting. It is also contains violence in a sense that there is blood in every hit you do. Doing combos makes it an immersive experience and it is also easy to learn. You just need to click the two mouse buttons as if you’re playing a rhythm game such as Guitar Hero or Rock Band. The stages developed as you progress. The opponents get tougher. In the first levels you need to only click one mouse button per hit to take down an opponent. In the later stages, you have to click a set amount of times in order to defeat your foe.

in game 123.png

RTFM. Read the fucking manual. One of the rules of the game is to not button smash. I actually tried to button smash since I was curious if I would really die. To make long story short, I died. Not following rules in a specific game leads to a crushing defeat.


What is important to note in this game is that there are no female characters. It is also possible that this game has been encrypted with patriarchal culture in mind. I am certain that the target market in this game is men. The name of the game itself is One Finger Punch Man. There is no One Finger Punch Woman. Martial arts and combat seem to be for men only in this game. As you can see from the picture below, the stick figures can be seen as having the gender of a male. This can be heard in the voice of the game. You will never hear the voice of a woman in this game 123.png

Furthermore, what you can see from this game is the concept of Orientalism. This is the homogenization of the Asian imagery in Western imaginary. The company who made the game is from the West. Fetishizing of the Oriental other for the Occidental self can be seen. The voices in the game clearly tries to imitate Asian accents but it is far from it. Aside from that, there is a clear stereotyping occurring as Asians are viewed as martial arts experts.

To end this blog, here is a video of the game itself. You can see Orientalism here.

Thank you for reading!

One Finger Death Punch

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