Cyber Self

Greetings! This is my 4th blog for my Hypermedia class. The directive is to describe my digital identity that I have made online by referencing photos, videos and posts. In order to do so, I will use Facebook as my medium. It is an online social networking site that you can use to interact with friends and family.

Let us start with the common media that you will find on Facebook. One would be photos. The one you see below is my current Facebook profile picture which I uploaded last December 2015. As you can see, I enjoy Star Wars. I watched the movie with my college friends. The film showing was held at Robinson’s Magnolia and the event was spearheaded by the Ateneo Management Economics Organization. The purpose was to raise funds for the organization.

My Facebook Profile

This photo is clearly me. This is what I look like so I do not even attempt to change it or edit it. Some people edit a lot to the point that they look different when you see them in real life.  My Facebook was made for the purpose of communicating with my classmates. I made it back in 2009 during my freshman year in high school. My Facebook used to have cartoon pictures but when I matured, I changed it to normal pictures. I would classify normal as something decent. By something decent, something not offensive to other people.

The second part of my Facebook that is part of my digital identity is my basic information located in the about tab. As much as possible, I do not put my address and number. There are some people who have been victimized through fraud. Your data and information are important. It is best to be discreet with it. I only put my school and date of birth.

Source: My Facebook Profile

My info is real. As I have said earlier, it was used for school. I always try my best to emulate my real identity to digital identity. Let us move on to another part of my digital identity. This is the groups section of your Facebook. This is where you join groups that you are interested with or groups that were made by your school and/or teachers in order to disseminate information and assignments.

Source: My Facebook Profile

The groups that I joined showcases my hobbies and responsibilities in school. You can see some groups like Histo166Ludovice. It is the class group for my history subject. The instructor gives his assignments and announcements there. Other groups that are not academic in nature would be the Hearthstone Philippines group and PINOY Sneakerheads Community. These are groups where I interact with people. In the former, I learn new tips and tricks in this game called Hearthstone. In the latter, I browse shoes and sometimes I buy if the particular pair is good. Both these groups tell what objects I have an interest on. They are part of my self. They are part of my identity.

The last type of media would that are part of my digital identity that I would like to describe would be my posts. One of my recent posts was sharing about this Anime called Sword Art Online. It is an anime where the main characters are trapped in the game and if they die in the game, they die in real life. Apparently, they are making a real version of the game where you can utilize virtual reality game. A video showcasing the the town of Sword Art was shown. I shared it in my timeline and tagged one of my friends because we enjoyed the anime. The video can be found below. Details about this game and its developers can be found here.

With the media that I have given above, I would like to say that the identity that I have constructed in my Facebook profile showcases truth about me. It covers my interests and my responsibilities in school. It is truthful representation because it is me. Arguably, some may disagree that this is fully me. I would like to give my two cents on that. This is where the real me comes in. Facebook might show a glimpse of truth about the real me but it does not completely a replacement or substitute to my identity. It has truth but this truth is far from the whole truth. It may sound philosophical but it is impossible to grasp the truth as a whole. You can get only parts of it. I might look the same in the photos but it is clearly not me. It is still an image. Yes the one on the photo is me. No it is not the real me. What I’m trying to say here is that not everyone has a digital identity that is 100% truthful. It will still have some modified or maybe edited details. We must face it. Humanity is vain. As much as possible we would love to look good on others. We have different dispositions. We have relative understanding about our own selves.

Suum cuique

Cyber Self

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